District Disaster Management Plan

The National Act of Disaster Management 2005, has made it mandatory that all the districts in India , shall prepare the District Disaster Management Plan (DDMP) which is one of the most important tools for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) .Our main vision and aim regarding the accomplishment of this plan is to provide a fail proof communication and coordination, authentic and accurate database, documented and rehearsed to be activated in the shortest possible time with minimum simple orders and procedures ensuring active participation by Government, Volunteers, Community at all levels, making optimum utilization of men , materials and resources leaving no gaps and no overlaps to prevent the loss of property ensuring fastest restoration of the situation in case of any eventuality.

The existing government machineries at the district, sub division and block levels were taken in consideration while preparing the plan. The utilization of the voluntary services of the NGOs, elected representatives such as the MLA, MDC, Town Committees, Village Disaster Management Committees, Women Groups,Youth Organisations, NSS, NYK, is also proposed in the plan.

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